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Court Rejects Terminally Ill's Right to Life

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Court Rejects Terminally Ill's Right to Life

August 10, 2007

The court's ruling that patients with terminal illnesses do not have a constitutional right to use drugs that have not been approved by the FDA is a disgrace.

The purpose of the Constitution is not to grant government the power to regulate our lives, but to protect our rights by limiting the power of government.

Terminal patients--indeed any patients--have a moral and constitutional right to try any medicine or therapy that they believe would alleviate their suffering, improve their health or extend their lives.

This unconscionable ruling amounts to a death sentence to thousands of terminally ill individuals who could benefit from drugs not approved by the FDA.

The government should have no power to keep drugs off the market and no right to forbid us from exercising our judgment and taking a drug we believe would benefit us.

The court's ruling amounts to a denial of our right to life and liberty. Hopefully this ruling will soon be brought before the U.S. Supreme Court and reversed. Real lives are at stake, and for many, time is running out.

David Holcberg

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