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Hamstrung by the rules

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The following ARI letter was published in the Washington Times on August 25, 2007.

Hamstrung by the rules

Diana West is right: our military's rules of engagement are not only insane, they're immoral ("Killed by the rules," Op-Ed, Aug. 17).

The military's rules of engagement should place the safety of American soldiers above anything else--including the lives of civilians in enemy territory.

But in this administration's "compassionate" war American soldiers have been forced to sacrifice their lives not only to avoid harming Iraqi and Afghan civilians but also to avoid offending Muslim sensibilities, as when they were forbidden to bomb or fire at mosques in which the enemy was hiding.

If we are to win this war against the Islamic totalitarians at a minimum cost in American lives, we need to drastically change our rules of engagement, and reject the self-sacrificial morality underlying those rules--rules that have already crippled and killed hundreds of our brave soldiers.

David Holcberg

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