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Looking for Objectivists in my area

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I would like to form friendships with virtuously selfish people. My intentions are purely selfish and symbiotic. I want and need to know Objectivists. While this forum is an amazing resource, I think that human interaction, with quality people, has no replacement.

About me:

I am 32 yeas old. I live near Seattle, WA. I work as a designer/drafter on my way to being an architect. I have a degree in history. I can speak Hebrew, some Spanish, and know some Arabic. I love nature, art, some architecture, reading, writing, playing guitar and other instruments. I have a green thumb as well. I also have a new business that I have started in which I sell stone body jewelry. I am very active. I run, swim, cycle, hike, do yoga, and more. I love traveling.

I love Ayn Rand's writings and I have a great understanding of Objectivist thinking. I live my life by the principles of reason, rationality and virtuous selfishness. I use life as my standard of judgment, for my own purpose and result. I know that my life is my greatest value. I want to know people who refuse to sacrifice and who live by rational values. I am single, but my friendship is open to all rational beings.

If you live near me, or would like to pen pal, or make a connection with me, I invite you to send me an e-mail through the forum.

Thank you,

I hope to hear from you.

Benjamin Risha

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