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50-50-50 Promotion on 10-10

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You or your Objectivist club might do what Jim Smith is doing in Naples, Florida -- a special promotion of Atlas Shrugged at a local independent book store that he calls the "50-50-50 Promotion on 10-10."

On 10-10 (October 10th), the 50th Anniversary of the first publication of Atlas Shrugged, the first 50 customers purchasing the book at The Book Store will get a 50% discount. (Jim and the store are splitting the discount 50-50.)

The store is going to have at least 25 copies in hardback and 25 copies in paperback. (If they generate enough buzz, they may end up ordering 50 of each since bookstores can return any unsold copies.)

NOTE: Jim first approached the local stores of the "big three" chains and they only do discount promotions nationwide, so this is something to approach a large independent store about.

The hardback edition of Atlas has a cover price of 39.95 so your maximum "exposure" will be $500, minimum would be $125 if all copies are in paperback.

For more information, contact Jim Smith at jswfo at h-mmm dot com.

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