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Pushing Daisies (2007)

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Pushing Daisies is quickly becoming my favourite show of the season. I'd characterize it as a fantasy-mystery.

The basic premise is that Ned has the power to bring things back from the dead with a touch. The caveat's are that if he touches them again they revert back to being dead - for good, and if they stay alive-again for longer than a minute some similar thing nearby will die. Enter Emerson the detective, Ned's partner in solving murder cases for the reward, and Chuck [Charlotte Charles] his childhood sweat-heart who happens to be dead [or previously dead]. Solving murders makes the show suspenseful and Ned and Chuck add a complicated romance because they can't touch. These plot drivers are set to a whimsical, brightly colored, witty background.

All in all it is a lovely little heart-warming treat that starts with a mystery but leaves you smiling.

For now, all the episodes are available free to view at's episode player. They're available on Thursday's, the day after they air on network television. Old episodes will probably stay up all season.

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