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In Section 10 of THE FORUM, you will find a set of buttons and options aimed at giving you more control over the content of your post. You will notice that when you click on one of these buttons, a tag will be added to the content of your post. Tags are special formatting elements specified by a specific word enclosed in brackets. You can manually add tags to your post once you learn how to use them or you can use the code buttons to add them for you.

The first time that you click on a code button, you will see an open tag added to your post. If you click the same code button a second time, you will see a close tag added (close tags begin with a backslash). If you are unsure whether you need to add a close tag to your post, then you can click the Close all Tags button and THE FORUM will do it for you.

You can find a full list of tags along with explanations and examples here.

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