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In Section 12 you will type the body of your post. Keep in mind that 4AynRandFans is a public forum connected to the internet. The content that you add to this site has millions of potential readers.

There are several general rules to remember as you write:

  • Be sure to accurately identify your source(s) when quoting the words of other users. The 4AynRandFans Forum automatically makes these attributions when you reply to a post. However, you must take care not to alter the attributions made automatically by the BBS in such a way that it renders the quoted text inaccurate.
  • Do not quote excessively. Too many quotes make for hard reading. Choose the essential line(s) from the post that you respond to and quote nothing more. (Readers can easily read the original message in full using the snapback post_snapback.gif feature.) If you feel the need to respond to every line of a post, line by line, chances are that the post you are replying to is poorly written. Your use of quotations should be dictated by the standard of the minimum amount needed to establish the context for your reply.
  • Adhere to the rules of proper writing. At a minimum, you should spell your words correctly and use appropriate punctuation.

Be sure to familiarize yourself with THE FORUM guidelines before adding to the site.

You may also wish to learn more about netiquette.

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