Founders College, R.I.P.?

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Sections such as this
As strange as the particulars of Founders College are, they do raise questions about just what the standards are for opening a college. To some extent, the bar is necessarily low. A new college is, after all, unproven—and if a state is going to allow for innovation, it has to allow for failure.

But a college isn't like a barber writing hot checks all over town, or a restaurant that's poorly managed. College is something more—a promise of an education, of a degree with value in the marketplace, and, for students, of a place that has their best interest at heart. "For crying out loud," says Marshall Hill, executive director of Nebraska's Coordinating Commission for Postsecondary Education, "if we don't want consumer protection in higher education, we're nuts."

and this
The Virginia higher-education council says that it received one complaint about the college, but that it was from an employee, and the council does not have authority to investigate personnel matters. It received no complaints from students; many don't appear to have known whom to complain to.

In a way, that's the biggest limitation of state oversight. State agencies, people in the field say, don't have the manpower, the resources, or often the authority, to go digging unless a complaint gives them reason to. If the Virginia council doesn't receive any student complaints, it visits each of the 340-plus colleges it authorizes only once every three years. A lot can happen in that time, but even that frequency is onerous for the council, says Ms. Woodley.

Founders College closed in November 2008. The state never stepped in.

seem rather explicit in their intended effect on the reader.

Articles don't have an automatic effect tho, readers can think for themselves and if the facts are accurate, can extract some value from reading it to gather facts.

This was the first that I unfortunately heard about Founders College failure, so I found the article to be informative for basic background information.

Phil, I haven't heard of Peter LePort's schools, can you describe them and what they do well?

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Thanks for the link, it is great to see Objectivist success stories!

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