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Uno Momento

A Forest Realm

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A Forest Realm

When darkness falls ‘neath the moon, nocturnal lullabies

Echo off the pine trees while the twilight critters creep.

Below a clear and starlit sky bats and owls fly,

Catching critters unaware within a forest deep.

When deadly killers on the prowl (werewolves in the night)

Quick, with bloody skill attack, they do so fearlessly;

The woodland creatures run and hide safely out of sight,

Except a few luckless ones not swift enough to flee.

When night takes flight and morning light spreads across the land,

Bright sunrays illuminate beauty unmistaken;

Through the forest giving heed to Nature’s clear command,

Twilight critters go to sleep—cheerful birds awaken.

The sights and sounds of wildlife, the senses overwhelm,

Be it morning, noon, or night within a forest realm.

-Jasen Alexander

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