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I suppose by now you have checked to see if rebooting clears it up? Have you tried rebooting in "safe mode" to see if you can control the folders that way so you can create new folders and copy the files before maybe being allowed to delete the ones that are stuck, then reboot normally?

I have worked around the current crop of "permission denied", by copying the file to the desk top, and changing it there. I also managed to delete the old copy after some steps I simply lost track of, followed by a reboot. Next time I will try to keep track of what I do, then reboot after each step. Thanks again ewv.

Typically with this problem you will be able to copy the file and maybe even delete the original, but not be able to delete the folder until after a reboot.

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I won't argue over the operating system, as I haven't used a Mac since childhood and am not qualified to comment. But as far as the hardware goes... If you'll give me a link to that thread, I'll read it.

I suppose I could see myself buying a second-hand Mac if I could get a good one cheap, but Apple doesn't get the money that way.

Here is that link. It is a comparison between 2 specific systems from about 9 months ago. As was stated by myself and some others on the thread, some of this really depends on your own personal needs and wants. I didn't put in the part about Apple's preinstalled music recording and mixing software because that is outside the usual. But it might be worth something if you want to put together a little ditty over drinks with friends - or to seriously make a piece of music. If I had added every consideration, it would have been a really long post.

I'm afraid a used Mac won't be much of an option. A used G4 iMac 700Mhz non-Intel can still sell for $399. My eMac, a discontinued model from 3 years ago, can still ask $439. By the time it depreciates enough to get in the $300 area, it is quite an old machine. There may be exceptions, but the prices seem pretty consistent. Resale is a factor I did not put in my original comparison.

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Here is that link.

It is about 1/2 way down that page. In searching for that link I found that I pretty much said all that I wish in several threads and do not want to be pulled into another Mac/PC thing. Just treat it as IMO as I will. Given what you say your financial status is anyway, I'd probably recommend a PC. Just plan on getting a Mac when you can afford it.


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What goes through these software guy's heads when they send the following as a solution to a Vista blue screen event? Do they really think this is useful information to the average user? Have these twits ever watched to see how someone reacts to this 'helpful' advice?





Shut down unexpectedly


22/05/2008 10:00 AM


Not Reported

Problem signature

Problem Event Name: BlueScreen

OS Version: 6.0.6000.

Locale ID: 3081

Files that help describe the problem (some files may no longer be available)




Extra information about the problem

BCCode: a

BCP1: 00000004

BCP2: 0000001B

BCP3: 00000001


OS Version: 6_0_6000

Service Pack: 0_0

Product: 768_1

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That to me, says it was not submitted for some reason(not sure why with the information you provided). The numbers and everything are there so if the user contacts Microsoft support, Microsoft can track it down and patch it.

I have been quite happy with Vista recently, Service Pack 1 has solved most of the issues that I had with it.

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