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Model T Centennial

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Here's a link to a short but picture-packed article on a product that changed the world:

Winidng Road

BTW: Winding Road is a good, free, Net-only magazine. The writing isn't what it was when the magazine first appeared, it's less thorough nowadays, but they still use some of the best, most knowledgeable writers available. The photography is rather good, too.

Second Aside: See the ZR1 article in the same issue. GM is awfully close to providing a low-priced, easy to drive, easy to maintain sports GT that can't be touched by cars costing twice as much -- just accept the fact that GM will never do interiors well - ever!

One sign that GM may be moving towards a better management structure: The guy driving the car in this video isn't just a test driver -- he's actually in charge of the ZR1's development.

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