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I mentioned before that I am tutoring (on occassion) local highschool students in the Fountainhead contests. I had the most ever applicants this year, and I have taken Betsy's advice and hope to work with ARI to increase Ayn Rand's exposure here in Alaska. Working with young minds is utterly rewarding.

I also posted the following article on a (american) football website that I am an editor on. Familiarity with the circumstances surrounding the tumultuous offseason of NFL's Denver Broncos helps to know the who's who and what's what of the post.

From Whence Character

The post deals with the ideas of "character," "focus," and "evasion" and isn't anything new to Objectivists. What is of interest is the response from the fan community. This is a beer and pretzels crowd, but their "sense of life" is still very strong, and the feedback was inspiring, with a record number of "rec's" for the site, and 130 positive responses, including a short discussion of Ayn Rand that led to someone purchasing her novels. Most if not all of them recognized the value of the ideas in their own lives, and some even commented that they felt the ideas would help make them better people.

Unfortunately the attribution feature of the built in story editor (as well as the autotagger and other distribution goodies) have been unreliable, so two quotes in the story didn't get proper attribution. The attribution is in the code, but it won't show up on the page itself, and we haven't found a way to fix it yet. One attribution is Merriam-webster online, and the other is the Ayn Rand Lexicon. the latter was fixed in the commenting section, but would look more professional if it showed up within the quote itself.

Since going up the article has been picked up by Yahoo! Sports news feed and has appeared in the feature section of, and both places' readership received it warmly.

A football website might seem like the last place where Ayn Rand's ideas could have an impact, but it just goes to show that where there are Objectivists, there is hope.

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From 1987 through 2005 I was very active in regard to writing letter and debate articles to Swedish local newspapers. I regularly wrote at least one mass letter each month. I sent copies of each mass letter to several dozen local newspapers, with a combined circulation of several hundred thousand. Around the year 2005 I stopped investing so much time in writing debate pieces to print media. By that time most of the newspapers that I had submitted debate pieces to had ceased to publish me. Maybe they had come to regard me as a ideological campaigner, rather than just an ordinary reader, which in a sense I was.

So I began to concentrate my efforts on writing debate articles for debate sites on the Internet. I have looked for good sites during the last few years. I have found several, but most of the best ones have been discontinued after a while, because the owners of the sites thought that the debates had become too "wild" (I am not the only person in Sweden who makes use of the Internet to publicize impopular ideas, although I am almost the only Objectivist among them). Nowadays I only know of one really good debate site in Sweden. If anyone here can read Swedish it might be worth checking out. The webadress is The name of the site is Newsmill. I have gotten about 100 debate articles published there over the last 10 months (I have been active on Newsmill for about 10 months).

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Ok, so here's my plan. I can use all the help I can get.

As I said in a different topic.

It's my very strong opinion that there are still enough rational people in this country that we can solve this problem. We need to target them. We need to have our own ground game. It sounds silly to put "Who is John Galt?" signs up all over, to give them a panhandlers $5 to hold one on the street corner all day, but I'm doing it. Those who can be swayed by reason will move our way, they just lack knowledge. On a rational being, curiosity is the doorway to knowledge, and "What the hell does that mean?" is a great segway to a google search, and google is a click away from a kindle download of Atlas Shrugged.

I just bought I don't really like the domain name that much, but it's almost 20th Century Motor Company, but a bit shorter. If someone can think of a better domain name that's available, I'll get it. I've spent a few minutes setting up a drupal site, and I'll get some content up there soon.

I'm gunna make get a bunch of signs designed. I'll probably start by making them myself. Yes, I'm giving them to panhandlers on street corners. The signs will all have a the website and when I get all high tech, I'll throw in a QR code to it.

The website is there to expose rational people to Objectivism. Long term, since I'm a capitalist, I'll sell signs, and all sorts of "Who is John Galt?" type merchandise there. I really believe if we get people talking about Mrs. Rand, it's a good thing.

So yeah, any good writers? I'm not horrible, but I'm no Mrs. Rand :)

Any designers out there?

I'm very open to ideas for what to put on the site. Yes, it's up now, but I've only spent a couple hours on it. Feedback would be greatly appreciated.

Website is http://www.20thcenturymotors

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