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Obama and McCain

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Although it is late for discussing the elections, Craig Biddle provided and interesting philosophic perspective of both men here during an ARC meeting on Oct. 29.

One of the most interesting points he discusses is the philosophic role that religion plays for Republicans and Democrats: the Religious Right as well as the Religious Left. Biddle points out the intellectual collapse of the Left's ideology after the fall of the Soviet Union. There has been no intellectual push toward socialism. Environmentalism, while a political threat, does not provide a philosophic base by which man can guide his actions: it does not have a theory of knowledge, or a metaphysics, or even an ethics. While it tells man how to treat snails, for example, it says nothing about how individuals should treat each other. In search of a philosophic base, the Left realized that the Bible provides the perfect justification for its policies: sacrifice in the name of a god who requires faith and obedience. This is where Obama emerges as the perfect, charismatic candidate for the Left. He bases his ideas straight from biblical teachings.

McCain, on the other hand, doesn't base his call for sacrifice on biblical teachings: we need to sacrifice for honor and country, i.e., duty. And who does that sound like McCain got his ideas from? Kant! So why did he pick Sarah Palin? Of all the candidates, she was the one who represented a pragmatic and cynical attempt to bring the evangelicals back into the Republican fold to get their votes.

The election was a choice between the sacrifice required by biblical teachings and sacrifice required by Kantian duty.

I'd recommend listening to the presentation to hear the supporting evidence Biddle provides for his argument. I found it to be quite convincing. It provided a different perspective of the Left that I hadn't considered before.

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