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Thinking Tactics helps managers, business owners, and other professionals grappling with the pace and complexity of business. When they get pulled in multiple directions or caught in details, the skills from Thinking Tactics help them concentrate, re-orient, and think through issues--so they can get a quality job done, on schedule.

Professionals are paid to think--to figure out what the company or the client should do. Whether they are managers or engineers, lawyers or marketing specialists, they solve problems for the business, make business decisions, and dig up facts the business needs. They are the brains of a company. When their thinking gets stuck or slowed down, the business gets stuck or slowed down.

When an organization bogs down, management can assign a Six Sigma team to analyze whats happening and reorganize the work. But when a thinking process bogs down, only the thinker can analyze the mental obstacles he faces. No one else has access to those mental processes.

In Thinking Tactics, thinkers learn to become their own mental efficiency experts. They learn to identify mental obstacles and to surmount them with confidence.

In the morning session, Concentrating the Power of Your Mind, you will learn:

** How to use small chunks of time for big thinking tasks

** How to break through the two most common thinking blocks in three quick steps

** How to spot when youre floundering, then get your work back on track fast

In the afternoon session, Getting the Thinking Job Done, you will learn:

** How to survey your own mental databanks to get yourself started on a complex task

** The secret to making large, amorphous projects fit in limited schedules

** The #1 thinking tactic that helps perfectionists turn in good work on time

** What you need to take the strain out of thinking and make it flow

Most people solve thinking problems in an ad hoc manner. In Thinking Tactics, they learn a flexible system of practical techniques--a system that ensures their thinking gives the best possible results in the available time.


Phone: 212-972-9495

Brief Meeting Facts:

What: Thinking Tactics Workshop

When: Monday 2/23/09, 9:00 am - 4:30 pm

Where: NYC Seminar & Conference Center, 71 West 23rd St. (just east of Sixth Ave.), New York, NY 10010

Cost: $375 per person. Get $50 off if you pay by 2/8/09 and use Coupon NYSPEC

Food: Continental breakfast and salad/pizza lunch are included in the cost.

Pre-registration strongly advised: Walk-ins are not guaranteed a place.

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