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From 1996 through 2008, I was employed at a Canadian mutual-fund firm in Toronto. My experience there was in private-client database administration, management reporting, variable compensation tracking, and database marketing. (My friends and family think that I'm responsible for all the junk mail they receive; I prefer to think of myself as doing everything I can to limit people's junk mail to offers that might at least remotely interest them. :lol: )

However, for the last year I have been consulting at Bell Mobility, the cellular subsidiary of Bell Canada. (The name of the parent, BCE Inc. (NYSE:BCE), might be familiar to those who follow mergers and acquisitions as being the largest leveraged buyout in the world when initiated in 2007, but, after being postponed several times, was ultimately cancelled in December 2008 due to the continuing problems in credit markets.)

Anyway, a "permanent"* position arose before Christmas due to someone leaving to start a small business, so I applied for the vacancy. I recently accepted a job offer and start March 1. Both positions have been in database marketing.

Although the financial services industry is my first choice because it is my first love, it is a relief to be employed in an industry that has been exceptionally resistant to the recession.

Hooray for me!

*I say "permanent" because Bell did, after all, lay off 3,000 people last year!

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