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The Poetry Of Brian Faulkner

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#1141 B. Royce

B. Royce


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Posted 05 October 2014 - 07:16 PM

The Poet and The Statue


If I, as bird, did fly around your waterfall

Of silver-shining hair to see your twinkling eyes

And stopped, a-hover there, so much amazed with all

The wrink'less beauty of a splendid lover, oh,

Would I not sing such piercing songs into the skies

That gath'ring clouds would get them fast and far away,

And winds, that moved so dull before, would blow and blow,

And fill with big bloom odors all the wilding air

Until you breathed, and turned, and stretched like bursting May?

Then, awed, I'd sit a waving branch and watch you there,

Like ship upon the waters, up and down, in bliss

To sight the isle of happiness for which it's bound.

And now, with flutt'ring pulse for perfect, twirling 'round,

I 'magine me a bee to buzz your lips and kiss!

Oh, what better power than poet's power like this?



Brian Faulkner

#1142 B. Royce

B. Royce


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Posted 06 October 2014 - 04:22 PM

My Own Place


In the luminous light of a happy man's brow

Is that pride of his being that lifts me to bow,

For it's not upon knees, but in spirit of praise

I am up to admire the strength of his ways---

His strong greatness in gathering work to his hand

For the joy of high daring his will does command.

The true lights of his eyes are not stars in the skies

That are ever in midnight or dawn to be found,

But are earthly, intense, with above common sense,

And held taut with ideas, in motion, unbound---

A new energy, giant, that jumps into fire

For a weld to the willing of one man's desire!

In the glory of gladness engirding his face

Do I gaze on my future and find my own place.


My own place is the daylight of thinkers who dream;

My dear home is the sound of my many-stringed lyre,

And I send out a song on a life-giving stream

That is melody made of all human desire.

I am off on a note to the highlands of hope,

Where the true and the possible play;

Where never is heard the poor word of a pope

And the mind is not cloudy all day.

And the range of my song for the good and the strong

Goes from courage and laughter and light

To integrity's wings, that fling wide when man sings

Of his glory in going so right!

My own place is the greatness of men when they know

That the banner of judgment must never hang low!



Brian Faulkner

#1143 B. Royce

B. Royce


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Posted 12 October 2014 - 07:00 PM

Columbus, Seen


Columbus, seen,

Looked at the Queen

And gave his winning speech.


Said he would go

Where no man know

And bring the all in reach.


Most men did doubt,

And shouted out

That he was well-nigh mad,


And monsters dread

Would seize him, dead,

Who foolishly waxed glad.


Columbus sailed,

Fearfulness failed;

His calmness drew men on;


The "fall off ball"

He deemed a flaw,

His judgment was men's dawn.


Columbus, soaring

Past the scorn

Of they who love to hate,


Alumnus bright

Of summer light,

Superior to fate,


I praise your pride

That, un-denied,

The earth with truth did crown.


Your careful thought,

In daring wrought,

Has brought us all around!



Brian Faulkner

#1144 B. Royce

B. Royce


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Posted 20 October 2014 - 04:15 PM

One Life


As the end of my being is the joy of my giving

That all that is in to the whole that is me,

As expressed in the something that barely passed nothing

Until I had lifted and loved and set free,

With the mark of my thinking and passion upon it

That makes full immortal, yet timeless my time,

So my all days are one day, and more is not needed,

For nothing's more high than creation sublime.


I live life with my fire, longevity scorn;

What is better than being the reason I'm born?

And to know there's an end day, a last day, a death,

Gives a meaning and purpose to every live breath,

A magnificent present that only life gives

In the moment of moments when joyous pride lives,

Where the world and its everything is only so great

As it loyally leads to my glorious state.

For mine is the Heaven of Selfdom, the throne of mankind,

In the height I have chosen and captured, alone with my mind!



Brian Faulkner

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